Hiiiii! It’s meeee, bubblegumshane! I’m back! I needed to take a quick break from social media and stuff to really reorient my priorities. I do love being on social media and being a bit of an exhibitionist with my muscles and my general silly himboness, but I’m in a very committed relationship with such a wonderful, beautiful partner that I often struggled with my feelings about posting things. Getting constant flirty DMs and trying to be polite and respond to each of them while trying to still be clear I’m in a monogamous relationship was honestly draining. I wanna say I really do appreciate all the kind words everyone sends and I admit that I am a major tease, but at the end of the day I have found my true love. Sooo coming back I’d like to do a bit of a rebranding with my content.

Firstly, I’m going to be turning off all my DMs. It’s just exhausting trying to keep up with all of them and the lines of a committed relationship get blurred through flirting messages, so I’m going to be sticking just to public comments and live chats on stream. I want to continue to use my himbo powers for good and promote love and positivity, but I want to be a bit more transparent about my life. Along with the gym selfies, you might start seeing more updates about my day to day life and gross cutesy couple photos with my partner 💕 I’ll still be flexing, muscle growth updates, and being sexually expressive, but with more of a focus on silliness. My big inspiration is actually Elvira, mistress of the Dark. She’s a total sex symbol and very sexually open, but at the end of the day she’s a comedian who has been in a committed lesbian relationship for the past 20 years.

My biggest addition to this rebranding is that I’m going to actually start streaming on twitch! I did a lot of tik tok streaming back in my big TikTok hay day, so I think that’s a great way to keep my social media presence and engage with everyone! Now, as much as a HUGE nerd as I am I admit I’m not really a “gamer boy”. I hate FPS and am not competitive at all. And frankly I’m actually not even that GOOD at video games hahaha. Im a huge Nintendo nerd, so to put it in my terms: I look like a Bowser, but I’m much more of a Kirby. Soooooo my brand is definitely going to be much more “big bara muscle himbo playing cute little indie games that make you say ‘awwwww!!!” So if you have any suggestions for super kawaii games that fit my bubblegum vibes, comment and let me know!

Anyhoo, this is getting long so let me just wrap up by saying 💕THANK YOU 💕 to everyone who continues to show love, support and encouragement. I hope to see all of you on twitch at !